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Player Info:
Nickname: Kiku
Age: 22
Personal LJ: sheiji
Method of Contact: AIM: kikutsune | Y!M: sheirazsora
Characters Played: Kaito

Character Info:
Name: Nanako Dojima
Age: 7
Canon: Persona 4
Pull Point: Post game.

Background Info:
History: Wikia
After her mother’s death on a hit-run accident, she lives independent on her own, considering his father, Ryotaro Dojima who is mostly busy with his work as a detective, and comes home late. Nanako describes as an innocent girl, where the bright light shines on top of her. She does have a lot of friends at school, but she doesn’t seem around with them much, since she’s mostly at home. Besides being a loner, she has good hands on managing the house. That includes cleaning laundries, mopping the house, and does all groceries. Even a seven year old girl could cook a simple dish for her family. Nanako often watches TV every evening. She simply watches quiz show, news and even waits for Junes commercial. Junes is a large department stores with a branch in her small hometown of Inaba. She often sings along to the Junes advertising jingle when she hears it on TV.

Like other children, Nanako is merely an ordinary child. Quite afraid for dark, crimes, ghost, strangers, but somehow due to his father working with criminals, she endures herself by thinking about his parents and be positive. She doesn't seem afraid of bugs either. Talking to adults isn't her type. She quickly becomes very shy and cold, unless they talk something about her interest. Rather being protective and fair, Nanako hates to see someone causing a fight, even her own father. She will interrupt right away, or if it still does continue, she will start crying. It's obviously hard to say 'no' to her. It's revealed that she had an incurable illness inside her body, which resulted her didn't go hyper or walked outdoors a lot.

Aside from that, Nanako could stand for herself being brave and honest. When she tempers, she might accidentally talk straight to the point like, "I hate you" or "You're the worst person". It may be cruel, but at the same time, this is how she feels. Nanako puts her family first in her list. She loves her family so much, especially her mom and dad of course. She’s also into her own cousin, Souji Seta, who she requests him to call 'Big Bro' after few week of his stay. She was also slowly fond to other Souji's friends and Rise and Teddie becoming her closest friend. She often talks about how the life goes after death, either they will go to heaven or hell. Nanako does seem very intelligent. However, lack of experience my lead her to mistake. Souji mostly guides her to the right path once, when she was misunderstood about his father behavior after her mother's death.

Game Specific:
Arcana: Justice
Justification: Canon says all.

First Person Sample:

Hello...? I-Is anyone listening?

My dad said I can't talk to strangers, except if I'm desperately need some help. Are you a good guys?

This place is too complicated. I can't seem to find my way home. I don't want to be a burden, but at least you could help me point directions to the police station. My dad works there.

I'll be waiting here at the streets.

Third Person Sample:
The children weren't allowed to be outdoors before and after midnight. That's what their parents trying to avoid their children to do so and stay healthy. Unlike the seven-year old child, who was having trouble on finding way home, especially when it's not in your neighborhood city. A little girl with pigtails ran around the streets, and kept hiding behind the walls. There's hide and seek in the play, but she wasn't participated in it. Furthermore, she's the victim.

It was usual creepy midnight of the city. The moon was incredibly large, coffins everywhere, and the most extraordinary, the Shadows. Dark Hour is always famous with black creatures lurking all over the city. And this lost child was all alone without her guardians. Swiftly hiding from a wall to other wall, she couldn't handle outside for too long.

"...Dad, where are you?"

Nanako desperately needed her father by his side. She was continuously playing their game, until she's finally passed the red line. She found herself alone at a clean spot where the creatures didn't show up. Approaching the stairs nearby as she sat on them, glancing at the eerie moon before she shattered her tears. Nanako sobbed quietly as long she didn't make any attention to the creatures.

"Dad... Big bro... I-I want to go home..."

She wished this was just a nightmare. She wished that someone close to her could wake her up. She wished to see her mother again, and she wished that this dream was a fake. However, none of them granted her wish. She stuck in the dark illusionary world forever.
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