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I've been hiatus for 4 days. Yeh, I was online LJ all the time but hate to update recently. Anyway, my dad's heart operation was success and he's having a long nap in hospital. I'm grateful for that, a little. Everyday, I never missed the earthquake in Japan news on TV, it feels bad for me to keep watching them :\

So, I read my fav magz today and some info interest me, though I rarely check them in the net.

About PSP2:
I did tell about getting PSP2 is worthless in my previous entry few months ago, and this magz update the news about the functions.

The new code for PSP2 is called 'NGP' (Next Generation Portable). This time, it got 'touch screen', the front(the screen itself) and the back. I don't know why they making touch screen on the back, it looks cool. They still keeping 'directional buttons', 'O, X, /\, [] buttons' and joysti-- no. 'DUAL JOYSTICK'. Same as PSP, but another joystick under O, X, /\, [] buttons. Talking about 'Applications', it's much easier to locate because this time they categorize in bubbles. All you do is just touch and it opens. They also included 'Camera', unlike PSP (that you need to buy one). Not just that, about connectivity, they got '3G, Wireless, Bluetooth and GPS'.

Overall, I can say is PSP + PS3 + Ipad = NGP. Cool functions, but kinda disappointed because they're making NGP like modern cellphones.

About ToX:

Cheer up fans, because ToX is one of 'The Most Wanted Games in Japan'. Keep voting Tales Series!

I don't need to say what magz wrote about Xillia because it's totally taken from website. Now... NOW I know why I said they look like Vesperia mixes Graces in this game. I'm pretty sure there are 'two' character designs by looking Jude and Mira. Jude is obviously the same artist who design Vesperia characters, while Mira is the artist who design Graces.

And so Alvin and Leia. I'm feel so-so with their seiyuus. Alvin is Tomokazu Sugita (I'm surprised in this one); who roles Gintoki in Gintama. And Leia is Saori Hayami, which I think she's new to me.

I heard there's more casts soon, but I hope they got awesome seiyuus like the one in Vesperia's.
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